No-Sew DIY Elbow Patch Tutorial

Heart Elbow Patches

*Taking a photo of your own elbow is harder than you think.

This tutorial is so easy, I almost feel silly making it- but here it is, all the same! Crafting doesn’t have to be hard to make you happy. Consider this my Valentine’s Day present to you. Click to enlarge, and feel free to print it and pass it around.

Heart Elbow Patch DIY Tutorial

And if you don’t have fusible interfacing (and make sure, if you’re out shopping, that you do get the fusible kind. Otherwise, the heat does nothing and all it is is another layer), you can sew it on with needle and thread and a simple blanket stitch. But that won’t be as sturdy. If you want the decorative border of a blanket stitch, though, I’d suggest using some fusible interfacing and ironing it on like in the tutorial before you embellish anyway.


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