The Ladies Fancywork Society

Hi there! You’re back again! Good, I’m glad. Because you may have found me through the Ladies Fancywork Society. Or you may have found me randomly and wondered what the eff is up with my name. So, I thought it would be good to have a little background on this thing I do, that I get my name from, that takes up most of my days and nights and that is slowly forcing all of the elasticity out of my finger joints but that I would never have any other way.


Ladies Fancywork Society Group Shot


In short: What began as an underground Society of street-artist crocheters bent on spreading fiber art throughout Denver has grown into an artist collective capable of putting together large-scale projects, international art shows, and installations.

We like to think that what we do makes people happy when they see our pieces on the street. But even if it doesn’t, we’re happy just to be putting skirts on the world.


Ladies Fancywork Society Tagging

We started out as your every-day yarn-bombing group (and hey, look at that- we’re in the Wikipedia links!) Except we never called it that- we prefer the term crochet tagging. Or just tagging. But what we did- and still do- was craft up some cute little crochet swatches and tie them up around town. Park benches and street lights, gritty bus stops and ornate signage- nothing within the orbit of our tallest member’s 5’8″ reach was safe. It was fun, and exciting, we were getting press, and most of all we were taking part in changing our urban landscape, bit by bit.


Ladies Fancywork Society Valentines Tags


But the truth is, you can only put crochet shit on other shit for a few years (two, it turns out) before you start to lose some of the initial thrill. We longed for something bigger, that posed more of a challenge, that more people would see. We’d been talking about tagging the Dancer’s sculpture for years, half-joking, half-scheming, and one day, without any real catalyst, we just decided well, okay, lets really do it.


Ladies Fancywork Society Legwarmers


So we did. We crocheted ourselves some seven foot legwarmers. We got the tallest ladders we could, zip ties the size of tree branches, and somehow talked a local news channel into covering us while we banged around the statues three AM and dropped heavy metal poles on each others’ heads (Sorry, Maxine) and ultimately forced those statues into legwarmers, much the way I imagine parents have to force toddlers into socks and shoes.


Ladies Fancywork Society Fence Flower Garden

And it was amazing. It was such a big thrill- it was to scale, really, in terms of how exciting it was for us. Hearing feedback from people on the train that passed by it, from people who worked in the city office of cultural affairs (who kindly salvaged them and sent them to a women’s shelter), from people who saw it on  TV and in the paper. It became the first of many ginormous, challenging, maddening, and rewarding large-scale installations. We were hooked.


Ladies Fancywork Society Big Blue Bear

Since then, we’ve managed to balance large-scale crochet installations, both commissioned and rogue, with the smaller tags that are still the bread and butter of the LFS. So keep an eye out for us, because there’s always something big and fuzzy looming on the horizon, and you never know when the next one will drop!


Ladies Fancywork Society Deer Head


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  1. summer dawson says:

    love your stuff!

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