Your Official Permission Slip

Sometimes, you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t do something- something that really, there’s no reason for you not to do. Dye your hair. Quit your job.  Sign up for the rollerderby. Go back to school. Quit school. I don’t know what yours is, but you probably have one or two. We all have Can’t s and Shouldn’ts that we think about all the time anyway. That’s just human nature. But! Is there really a good reason not to?

Think about it. Think hard. Think about your worst-case scenario. Imagine yourself in It, vividly. Swim around in It for a little while. Is It really so bad, so irreparable? Is It something you couldn’t pull yourself out of? Is the fear of It worth stagnating and looking back with regret?

So you know what? If you know the words, sing along with me here:




This is your official permission slip (brought to you by yours truly and Kanye West*), to do whatever that thing you want to do is, and to do it guilt-free. Print it out if you want. Make it your desktop background. Or just repeat it to yourself a few times a day. Because you guys, not to be trite, but we’re all only going to live this all once (at least, as far as any of us know for sure). It’d be a shame to spend it half-assing it. Put your full ass in it. (Maybe that’s what I should have put on this thing instead?)

And here’s a blank one, for you to fill out yourself:

So, what’ll it be? What are you going to give yourself permission to do this year? Tell me, ’cause I wanna know!

*Although… listen, Kanye, I’m just going to tell you this for your own good- that blonde dyke? The one you’d do anything for? She’s just never going to be into you like you’re into her. You’re better off with the Klondike Bar.
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One thought on “Your Official Permission Slip

  1. Brittany says:

    Printing. This is fantastic.. and almost made me cry a little.. It’s sad and pathetic I know 😉 I’m loving the rap influence in your life!

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