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Maybe You’re The Hasenpfeffer

You know the Laverne and Shirley song? This one?   (Of course you do, because you exist in the world just like I do.) And the part in the beginning where they chant “Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!”?

I don’t remember where, but I recently had the concept of schlemiel and schlimazel explained to me, and it was explained like this: In yiddish, a schlemiel is the kind of person who spills soup at a fancy party, and a schlimazel is the kind of person the soup gets spilled on. Hasenpfeffer, meanwhile, is a kind of soup. 

And then today a friend of mine, with whom I exchange Grooveshark playlists from time to time, made me a mix that opened with this song. Which is weird because (and yes, it’s probably weird on its own too really, but also because:) this is the second time this week that this schlemiel/schlimazel thing has come up for me. It’s an oddly recurring theme, and sums up a lot for me right now. Particularly: which one of these two options, if either, am I? And does anyone want to invite me to a fancy party with soup so that I can find out?

But I told  my friend about this theory, and his answer was awesome:

Maybe you’re the hostess of the fancy party! Maybe you’re the chef! Maybe you’re the Hasenpfeffer!

Maybe I am the hasenpfeffer. Although now that I’m thinking about it, here’s an alarmingly relevant true story: Today I spilled soup in my purse. For real. So… maybe I’m all three of these things.

Or maybe I spend too much of my time trying to decide how a 70s TV show theme song best reflects my current life state. Maybe that one.

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